What Frames Do You Wear Shopping?

What Frames Do You Wear Shopping?

Here at Vintage Frames were all about our own style. We have frames that can fit many different styles. We know those sunny afternoons call for some downtown shopping. Your outfit is never complete without a pair of your best frames. Which brand do you wear? Gucci, Versace, YSL, Christian Dior, Cazal? We know your not leaving the house until you checked your frames in the mirror a few times, so let's make sure we get the style right. Let's go over some possibilities for your next shopping day, visiting all the great boutiques downtown.



First we have the Christian Dior 2250 which is a favourite of Rihanna's. These are a bigger frame but compliment a smaller face perfectly. On the outside of the frame is leather giving them an excellent comfort for that long shopping day. Click here to order these and get ready to rock them in a couple days.





Next, we have the Versace S12 784 frames. The brand Versace speaks for itself but these frames especially, incorporate elegance and unique style all in one. This pair of frames is one of the most versatile styles we have. They are great for a classic look and will definitely get your friends wanting a pair. Get them first, click here.

If your having a hard time deciding which frames to get next, make an appointment with us and one of our professionals will help you decide the best frame for you amongst our vault of thousands of the best brands in frames.

Don't forget to tag us in your Instagram before shopping pics so we can see what you chose to rep that afternoon. #vintageframes

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