Morning Inspiration: "Fam"


My captions come from the point of view of an only child. I know no forced loyalty, only that of respected relationships. My bond is mighty, it knows no color, no income, no discrimination. My bond may not be of blood, but it is certainly of flesh. Our culture throws around the word "FAM" a lot. Coming from me, it is more then slang. What I choose to stand behind, I represent through good and bad. Who chooses to stand behind me does the same. Together we see no obstacles. Together we are unstoppable. As soon as one of us comes with an idea, we know the rest are there to back it. My man @diego1986 popped off his new brand, there was never a doubt I would rally behind. My homie @foodiedatenight started to express his "food for thought", there was never a need to ask me to support. Our logo stands for more than a brand, it honors a community. We drop products not only for the brand, but to represent the community that stands behind us. For anyone that wears our crest, knows that in a clutch, their opposers will have me to contend with. That my friends is loyalty. It isn't a bond governed by blood, it is a respect formed by flesh. It's #Friday and I salute every single fucking one of our crew, y'all have helped us get ours, you will never have to ask us to help you get yours. Respect is the ultimate form of riches, it is the only thing we get buried with. What may seem like it goes a little way for some, may make a world of difference to others. Instead of waiting for people to help you, get off your ass and help others. Genuine individuals will always get back in return. My "FAM" knows I got them, make sure yours feels the same. #morninginspiration #vintageframes