Morning Inspiration: "Dig Deeper"

All day, everyday I get calls from my family and friends asking the same question over and over: what are you doing? Seeing as the calls usually fall directly in normal business hours, I always wondered what the fuck they think I'm doing. There is a difference between what I do and what they do. Their work is usually tedious and somewhat of a strain on their mental state. My work, I enjoy. It seems to be people like to discredit work from people who actually enjoy what they do. The reality, they could do that to! A very good friend of mine once said: find what you like to do, then find someone to pay you for it. The truth is, that IS THE TRUTH. Jobs are voids needing to be filled. If your particular interest for a void doesn't exist, create it. What people don't fully understand is that the only thing that truly stops us from being happy and successful is ourselves. We are our own worst enemies. Instead of people focusing on their own progression, they dwell on envy and hate. I too am guilty of stoping myself from succeeding. Sometimes all it takes is a little reminder that we have no limits. In my case, like a maniac, I stole this sign and put it in my office as a constant reminder to dig deeper! It's #wednesday and it ain't a day to hump, it's a day to fucking grind! If you pushed yourself to the limits yesterday, imagine what you can accomplish today! If you finished a task and are satisfied, move on to the next! If you feel you have dug all you can, dig fucking deeper! Excuses don't look good on you, success does. Don't pay attention to what others do, only care about your own two hands, and your shovel. #morninginspiration #vintageframes