Featured Frames: Fendi 426 BLK

Fendi, a subsidiary of LVMH, is an Italian designer of luxury goods. Their frames are manufactured by Marchon eyewear alongside other top fashion houses such as Pucci, Valentino and Chloé. Just like most of the frames here at the Vintage Frames Company, Fendi is also a luxury brand that creates luxury pieces. Of course no brand is the same as any other though and what differentiates Fendi from any other brand is the artistic aspect to the frame. When you look at a frame such as the Vintage Fendi 426 blk frames, you can see the creativity and imaginative work integrated into the piece. The frame is silver, grey and blue and is adorned discretely with the classic Fendi logo on the front and sides. To purchase these frames now, visit http://www.vintageframesshop.com/fendi-426-blk-p-637.html

640_IMG_3397 640_IMG_3398