Morning Inspiration: "Turn The Page"

Morning Inspiration: "Turn The Page"

Everyday I start off my journey with the same quest, the quickest route to the nearest #Starbucks. I know there is much better coffee, even next to my office, but for some reason I enjoy this one. The process of purchasing, holding, and drinking has become embedded in my daily routine. Much like others, I have a chosen vice for my morning start. I have oddly trained myself to reboot at the instant taste of a coffee. Some start their day with the newspaper, some with a joint, some with a morning walk. The point of it is that we start with something. Everyone needs a way to reboot from yesterday. As good or bad as the previous day may have been, it's over and time to start a new. Emotions of the previous day CAN be left there so long as we leave them there. Life is to short to live with baggage and regret from day to day. As the clock strikes midnight, the wise move on. We have all done things in our lives we are not proud of. If you disagree with this statement, you're a fucking liar! The bigger picture is that life goes on. We all have the opportunity to rise above, and turn another page. Some of the most successful businessmen I know had a real shady path. It was their choice to reboot and start another day fresh. The only real thing that holds you back from turning another page, is yourself. It's #Tuesday and my coffee is extra fucking hot and I'm ready to ride! Yesterday was great, well that's awesome! Yesterday was shit, well that was yesterday! Don't hold on to the day, after a while too many days make it impossible to move. Live everyday like its a new chapter of your life! Nobody skips back to a shit chapter in a novel, why do that with your life?#morninginspiration #vintageframes



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