Featured Frames: Nina Ricci 1027

Featured Frames: Nina Ricci 1027

Since the fashion house was created in the 1930's, Nina Ricci has always created beautiful, refined and feminine pieces. When you are looking at these vintage Nina Ricci 1027 I frames you can see the femininity that has been incorporated into the design. They are a pair of white oversized sunglasses that have gold detailing on the front of the frame and the iconic letter “N” in gold on the sides of the frames. When you are purchasing Nina Ricci sunglasses, you are not only simply purchasing a pair of frames, you are purchasing a piece of luxury from a trendsetting brand. Sunglasses are a staple piece of a wardrobe, do not miss out on the opportunity to own these frames, purchase them now on www.vintageframesshop.com.

Vintage-Nina-Ricci-1027-I-Frames Vintage-Nina-Ricci-1027-I-Sunglasses

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