Morning Inspiration: "Summer Internship"

It is very evident I looked different from other kids when I was younger. To say I was misunderstood is an understatement. My whole childhood my peers and authority figures didn't support my train of thought. As a result, some of my choices were questionable. I was destined to find a way to succeed, even if I didn't know what succeeding truly meant. My platform was built on failure. All endeavors were on my own steam, all failures were a result of my own doings. Even though outside factors contributed to the failures, I only had myself to blame. Even though I am happy with position currently in life, what would have made it easier was a chance. If someone had opened up and given me the opportunity, it would have allowed me an easier path to where I wanted to be. As much as we aim to inspire, here is our attempt at helping. It's #Saturday and I am issuing a formal invitation to come join me and my fucking army this summer. Here is your chance, it's time to take the reigns. This summer I will be taking on two people to train directly under me in Montreal. They will travel, move, and grow with our exciting expansion this summer. The internship positions will be in Montreal, for 3 months, starting June 1st. It is time to stop complaining! If you think you are, it's time to be. Here is your platform, lets see you rise. This is more then an inspiration, it is a chance to start your life., to apply. I was never given the chance, but it doesn't mean I can't give someone else the chance. #morninginspiration #vintageframes