Kurt Cobain wore Christian Roth 6558

Kurt Cobain wore Christian Roth 6558

Nirvana's leading man, the late Kurt Cobain, was quoted saying "with the lights out, it's less dangerous." Sunglasses can definitely make that possible and he was often seen in them to cover up what was going on in his eyes. Some of the last remaining photos of him while he was alive, he's pictured in some vintage Christian Roth frames. The black and white photo set of him below are probably some of his most famous pictures, regardless if you recognize who he is, you're more than likely to have seen one of the pictures somewhere. He was wearing white Christian Roth 6558 frames for this photo shoot and the sunglasses definitely add on to the spacey look and demeanour he already carries with himself. The frames aren't typical for a grungy type but they match his attitude perfectly. He was a true music legend who had an unfortunate end but will always be remembered as a wild character and frames can definitely plus on to that.

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