Featured Frames: Oleg Cassini 190

Featured Frames: Oleg Cassini 190

Here at the Vintage Frames Company, we're known for carrying lesser recognized designers and frames. But they're all still of great vintage quality and high fashion. French-American designer Oleg Cassini was very famous for dressing numerous international celebrities throughout the 60's, one of the most exclusive ones being Jacqueline Kennedy. He's responsible for garnering "the Jackie look" at the time by fitting her. One of the frames we have by him is this aviator style frame. To an untrained pair of eyes, it may look like a pair of Alpina M1s but they're unique in their own way, especially just them being a Oleg Cassini design. They look and feel just as exclusive though, especially with their matte orange-red color. To cop these frames by "the secretary of fashion" at the time, go here: http://www.vintageframesshop.com/oleg-cassini-190-p-234.html

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