Morning Inspiration: "Thinker vs Doer"

Morning Inspiration: "Thinker vs Doer"

Last night I dreamt of a certain product. I was so excited I was woken up from a deep sleep intrigued how to make it happen. At dawn my pen was on a pad, and my fingers dialing numbers. There are two type of people in life, those who do, and those who think about doing. The only way to bring something to fruition is to get off your ass and do it. Brainstorming is a great, but doing is better. Thinking about is awesome, but doing is better. Dreaming about something is fun, but doing is better. So many people consider themselves "idea" guys. I consider them lazy! Everyone has ideas, few can actually bring them to life. There isn't anything wrong with an idea guy, as long as he is paired with a doer! Ideas are abstract, work is concrete. The most valuable thing isn't the idea, it's the motion of production. It's #tuesday and the reason I am late on this is because I have been glued to a table making sure I'm a fucking doer, not just a thinker. Yesterday was the day to think, today is the day to do. Tomorrow is too late people, anything that you can think of accomplishing tomorrow can be accomplished today. Sometimes the hardest thing in life is starting your engine. I would much rather be known as an "engine" starter then just some dude who holds his dick thinking of abstract ideas.#morninginspiration #vintageframes


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