Actor Mike Reid in Cazal 955 frames

Mike Reid was known particular known for his comedy but was an actor. One of the biggest British entertainers, he passed away in mid-2007. It might not be known that well but Mike Reid was a pretty big fan of vintage sunglasses. Most pictures of him, he's wearing some vintage frame or another. He owns a pair of Cazal 955 and has even worn them in some movies to add to his character. If you've seen the movie Snatch, you know what we're talking about. He played Doug "The Head" Denovitz as a jewel dealer running a diamond shop and had two twin daughters. You can see him sporting his Cazal 955 throughout the movie, it's just another example of how a frame can define your attitude. When he's wearing them in the public eye, he looks just as badass and classy as ever. So many different types of people wear vintage frames and each pair gives a certain demeanour off depending on the wearer. Buy these classic frames by clicking here:

snatch3 Mike Reid