Morning Inspiration: "Create Your Own"

Morning Inspiration: "Create Your Own"

Life is like #fashion, it is for each individual to decide what suits them. Creativity doesn't only apply to the arts, it plays a big role in everyday life. The way we walk, talk, eat, even sleep can be owned by personal dimensions. Much like fashion life has #trends. The masses tend to fall into these walls feeling that they can only be as good as someone else. The truth is, you are only as good as you let yourself be. Over the past couple of years I have had to go through a lot of sole searching to be comfortable enough to push VFC to the next level. While #optical companies were going right, I went left. Going against the grain was what suited me, not what was dictated by the industry. Every aspect of my life down to my #Hermes belt, I modify to fit my individual needs. If #Hermes doesn't offer a green #crocodile belt, ill go make one. If there isn't a job that suits you, go out and create one! Parameters really don't exist, they are all in our head. The only person ever holding you back in life, is yourself. It's #monday and since I couldn't find one place in #Montreal to cut my hair, I got off my fucking ass and made a #barbershop. Live life in color, black and white just sucks! There are no rules, only individual comfort zones. Lines were made to cross, just be prepared for the consequences. If it doesn't exist, get off your ass and make it. #morninginspiration #vintageframes


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