Morning Inspiration: "Know Yourself"

Morning Inspiration: "Know Yourself"

I am proud to say I look forward to writing to you all everyday. Despite the amount of time it takes, if it helps even one person, my job is done. I attempt to inspire not for people to aspire to be me, but for them to realize what they have been looking for was there all along. What might of seemed like walking a journey alone, quickly turns to the realization that someone is rooting for you and you are not alone. The motion and drive of a journey is just the beginning. Examining the right turns is what will dictate the end. For me, every Thursday I meet with my staff to go over our accomplishments and failures of the week. Even though life can very often be guess and check, there needs to be a method to the madness. There needs to be a point where you stop and examine the route. Being proud you went in the right direction is only the icing, facing choices of a wrong turn is the greater hurdle. Be honest enough with yourself to take the time to examine your journey, what you may find might just shock you. If it's not the pat on the back you needed, it may just be the ability to know what turn to take. It's #Thursday and as we examine our past week all I got to say is that you ain't fucking seen nothing yet! People who say it's "their year" are mistaken, It was always be their year! People who are waiting for a "second chance" will eventually realize only they can give themselves a second chance. Knowing which road to follow at a pitchfork in life is as easy as examining your steps. Knowledge is power, and you have had the right answers all along! #morninginspiration #vintageframes


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