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Vintage Frames: Versace S12 740

[caption width="640" align="alignnone"] Versace S12 740[/caption]

The house of Versace is known for their indulgence of opulence and extravagance. Bright colours, vibrant prints and daring designs is what made the brand as legendary as it is. Now this is expected; it's an Italian brand and what most of which the designers who hail from the beautiful Mediterranean nation are known for. They create with passion and no have no fear in putting all of it into what they design and have little adversity to what the receiving end will understand of it. Now while this can be a hit or miss tactic, Versace has proven time and time again that what they do make are destined for greatness.

[caption width="640" align="alignnone"] Versace S12 740[/caption]

The perfect example is our Versace S12 740 Vintage Frames. With an avant garde almost alien like round shape, the frame is a thick tortoise shell material that screams European elegance at it's finest. The detailing is simple but decadent at the same time, with the brand's infamous Medusa head represented in a gold hardware medallion adding to the luxurious feel of these shades. These are a perfect addition to any woman's sumptuous wardrobe, who looks to stand out rather than fit in.


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