Vintage Frames: 1950s Gold Filled Round

Vintage Frames: 1950s Gold Filled Round

[caption width="600" align="aligncenter"] 1950s Gold Filled Round (John Lennon)[/caption]

John Lennon is iconic in more ways than can be described. Not only did his messages through his music with The Beatles speak volumes to the masses, but it inspired a whole ideology to which people have based their life upon. He knew the truths of life to which one can attain happiness through simplicity: Truth, Love and Peace. It was here in Montreal that John Lennon and Yoko Ono staged a "Bed-In", their non-violent way of protesting wars and promoting peace at the Queen Elizabeth Hotel. This particular one is one that hosted the recording of one of Lennon's most celebrated songs "Give Peace a Chance." Now I've never been the hugest Beatles fan although it was constant background music for my childhood, but it wasn't until I met a very wonderful and special person here in Montreal did I see that he paved the way for people beyond his time to become the people we so need in the world today. He inspired people to strive for those simplest truths he believed in to attain inner peace and appreciate the moments that life hands you, whatever it may be; and because of it good people like this amazing person I met do exist.

[caption width="600" align="alignnone"] 1950s Gold Filled Round (John Lennon)[/caption]

While we live in a world where it's the more can be offered the better, sometimes it's better to stay simple. We here at VFC appreciate the quality that vintage pieces hold for that reason, it's timelessness in the purest form of quality. This ideal can be found is our 1950s Gold Filled Round "John Lennon" sunglasses. In the infamous round shaped lenses that the legend sported himself, these Vintage Frames are a sleek and uncomplicated with a delicate gold hardware frame encasing solid black lenses. These shades are perfect for everyday, whether it's taking the Metro to school; or going up to Mont-Royal on a Sunday to basque in it's natural beauty and question the universe to find yourself. Whatever your path may be, be inspired by seeing through the frames that a great man also looked through to see the world in it's truth.

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