Vintage Chain: Givenchy GV059 Bracelet

[caption width="600" align="alignnone"] Vintage Givenchy GV059 Bracelet [/caption]

Givenchy has experienced a recent revival in popularity among the masses in the last few seasons. From it's vibrant "birds of paradise" kalidescope print to it's menacing Rottweiler graphic, it has stretched beyond the runways of Paris onto the bodies of celebrities and street fashionistas alike.

Although we can't help but show love to what's happening now in terms of trends; our business is vintage, and we mean business here at the Vintage Frames Company. Our Givenchy GV059 Bracelet out of the Vintage Chains Vault is one of our heaviest hitters. With the house's infamous monogram immortalized in gold hardware to create a statement cuff and intricate crystals placed between 2 of the links for extra drama; it's hard not to love this piece and claim it for your jewellery box. Whether you rock it layered with other less eye catching pieces, or wear it as a statement cuff you will treasure this trinket without a doubt.

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