Morning Inspiration: "Know Yourself"

Morning Inspiration: "Know Yourself"

My friends always joke that I travel so much I don't really have a home. My ideology is wherever I lay my #hat, is my home. I am proud of #Montrealwhere I came from, even if we don't always see eye to eye. I am thankful for the #hood I grew up in, even if I outgrew it. I am ecstatic about the office I built, even though my office is often mobile. I have a throne in my office, I choose to turn wherever I sit into my throne. Even though I don't wear a crown, I choose my #snapback as the equivalent. As people we have the right to live how we want. As much as we may love our family and friends, the most important is being able to love yourself. If we are not comfortable in our own skin, we have no foundation. If we have no foundation, we have no home. If we have no home, we are constantly just wandering. This post isn't about ego, it is about knowing who YOU are before even caring about who someone else is. It is about being comfortable with your look, and standing behind your decisions. It took me many years to find myself. I know my boundaries and am comfortable enough to push them. I am proud of who I have become, even though I am far from perfect. At the end of the day, I am a bearded manic who had a vision, and turned a SnapBack into his #Nemes. It's #Friday and I am at the airport about to take my office to #Toronto and take it by fucking storm. Comfort shouldn't be environmental, it should be harnessed within. Feeling greater or less than is just a personal uncertainty. There is nobody in the world that can do it better then you, just believe in yourself and local turns to global. As I sit on this bench I've made my throne, with this #hat I've made my crown, I am comfortable enough with myself to step on this plane, and start another adventure. #morninginspiration #vintageframes


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