Morning Inspiration: "Empower Yourself"

Morning Inspiration: "Empower Yourself"

How can you be empowered if you don't empower yourself? How can you lead if you are asked to follow? How can you be free if people are constantly trying to show you there way? The question you need to ask yourself every morning is simple: who's life is this? Everyday I wake up happy to live MY LIFE! Everyday I walk the way I WANT to walk! Everyday I do what I WANT to do! Life is meaningless unless you live the life you want to live. Living for someone else can't be called a life of your own. Living to make other people happy can't be considered a life of leadership. We all have the ability to take control. We all have the ability to lead, even if it's just leading ourself. We all have the power to make choices. Time flies, friends come and go, but YOU will always be you. Staying true to yourself is the greatest gift we can provide ourselves. Standing behind our choices in life is the ultimate sign of maturity. Today is for you, and so is tomorrow. We have one life to live, never let another tell you how YOU should rock your hat! It's #thursday my #Nemes #snapback is slanted low, if you don't like it, move out the fucking way! Start doing you! Your way is the best way so long as You take responsibility. Start living your life, before you know it, time will pass away. Empower yourself, be your own boss, show yourself who is king. Walk proud, walk tall! Crowns come in many forms, only you know what fits for you. #morninginspiration #vintageframes


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