Morning Inspiration: "Art of Speech"

I engage with people everyday. I replace the word "speak" because it seems that dialogue has become a lost art. The simple act of speaking seems to have fallen by the waist, while quick fingers have taken reign. What I have noticed over time is people have developed a false sense of reality. Instead of their ability to communicate becoming greater, it has in fact digressed. Words are being replaced with spoken abbreviations, and in-formal is becoming normal. How people expect to conduct themselves in the real world has become shocking. The distance from person to person has become greater, when in fact we are geographically closer than ever. The one thing we all have is a voice, a handshake, and a stare. When we loose these important things, in fact, we have nothing. Teachers need to refrain from the computer life, and once again teach what seems to be the lost art of speech. I have two cell phones; the brick phone above, and an iPhone. As advanced as the iPhone may be, life is just simpler with the brick phone. There is never any beeps, whistles, or tumes popping off. People want to reach me, they pick up the phone, and dial. They don't feel like talking, then fuck off! Sometimes advancements make us forget the basics. Without the basics, advancements are nothing. It's #wednesday and when I hit the block it's like fucking 1982. Getting ahead doesn't mean forgetting what was behind. Low tech often chumps high tech. Bells and whistles are cool, but if you forget the basics on how to use them, you are literally standing there holding your dick. Never forget language, the art of speech. No matter where you are at, it is usually what will get you where you need to be. You can rule the world with an iPhone, but have a brick phone and you COMMAND the universe. #morninginspiration#vintageframes