Morning Inspiration: "Business"

Business is an ongoing battle. No matter the status of your company, staying relevant and on top of the changing business climate is key. What was dope today might be irrelevant tomorrow. Taking advantage of your current position is a strategy to fail. If you will notice, industry leading enterprises change with time. Technology, fashion, education all evolve daily. What was hot today might not be able to be pedaled tomorrow. Even if you are on a plateaux state, the best advice anyone can give you is to keep one eye open. When people think you are too comfortable, they will attack. When people think that you are not looking, they will strike. When people think you are sleeping, they will try to conquer. If anyone has told you otherwise, they weren't aggressive enough. Business is about maneuvering amongst your opponents weaknesses. Nobody gets ahead by admiring someone else's accomplishments. They create progression by attacking the throne. It is for that reason you should always be watching. No matter what, where, or when, always keep one lens flipped, and one eye open. Let the on-comers know you are forever watching. It's #Monday and from a roof in St-Henri I am perched watching the neighborhood and it's every fucking move. Blind instinct is bullshit. People can feel, they can predict, they can even chance. If they can't see, there was no real strategy, it was just a game of luck. Your life is where it's at because you kept your feet on the ground. Make sure if you are up in the air, you have good enough sight to see the bottom. Mountain views are dope, but not if you can't see the ground. Few things happen in the air, the action will always be on the pavement. No matter how high you get, never loose sight. #morninginspiration #vintageframes