Featured Jewelry: Ripoli RP001 Cuff

Featured Jewelry: Ripoli RP001 Cuff

This vintage Ripoli cuff is one of a kind, like many of our vintage jewelry items. The difference with this one is the designer, Ripoli, isn't has commonly heard as Gucci, Versace, Escada, etc. This makes this piece extra unique  if you wear it only a true  connoisseur of fashion will recognize this bracelet. Made in Italy, this cuff is of the upmost quality. The chain links on the top and bottom are incredibly sturdy and held in place with the middle gold piece.  There won't be any need of worrying about clinking and clanking while walking around. You also don't need to add any additional layering jewelry pieces when wearing this because of how it looks like three bracelets in one place. With this cuff , you'll be blinged out in royalty and be the envy of every person you share the room with. If you want to buy this cuff, go here! http://www.vintageframesshop.com/chains/vintage-ripoli-rp001-cuff-p-85.html


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