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Featured Frames: Alpina TR 4

We just added the Alpina TR4 to our Vintage Frames vault. These frames became especially popular when Don Johnson starred as Sonny Crockett in the TV show Miami Vice in the late 80's. His co-star Philip Michael Thomas who played Ricardo Tubbs also has been seen sporting them too in promo shoots for the show. You can even see him rocking a pair of Alpina M1s in the picture below. If you've ever seen watched Miami Vice, you know these Alpinas have just added extra to the already badass demeanour to both of their characters. While Alpina has been known to be more of a winter sport style, they're mostly seen used as a fashion frame on celebrities. With their diverse vintage celebrity history already in place, these frames are perfect for just about anyone. Get your crime-fighter on and purchase these frames by going here:





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