Featured Frames: YSL 8704 P74

These classic YSL frames are the epitome of the house's reputation of classic opulence. Dating to the late 1970's, these frames were created in the designer's height of his popularity. The cat eye frame is an extravagant shape to begin with, but the added details of a opalesque beige and transparent materials and wood grain detail adds to luxe look on these shades. The frame is finished with a decadent honey brown to clear gradient for lenses that can be worn to start your morning but still demure enough to rock into the evening. Cop these shades here:http://www.vintageframesshop.com/ysl-8704-p74-p-966.html and shop our entire YSL collection at ww.vintageframesshop.com!

YSL 8704 P74