Morning Inspiration: "Boundaries"

The only thing local about life is your state of mind. My parents bred me into a world where travel was normal. More than normal, it was expected. No matter where we would go, their reputation came with them. There are two kinds of minds, "local" and "global". Local minds care only about their immediate surroundings. They have exempted themselves from their ability to look beyond the block. Their view is only as far as their eyes can see. Politics are irrelevant unless they are in the neighborhood. The expansion of their business strives only to reach the corner store. Then there are global minds. They have the ability to see beyond immediate geographical boundaries. They are able to implement and strive for global positioning. They are concerned with world views. There only concern with the corner store, is to pickup milk. I have seen too many brilliant minds be near sighted. Their ability to see far, or even to the future is impossible. Always strive to have the hood behind you, but never strive for just the hood. There is a whole world out there, just because you are from a small city in Canada, doesn't mean you can't leave your mark as far as Japan. It's #thursday and yes, you are reading it right, they called me fucking "Vintage Flames". If you can't see beyond the block, get glasses. If you can't distribute beyond the neighborhood, build networks. If you think you have accomplished all you can in that small place you are from, it's time to move! Excuses are bullshit, there is no reason you can't be as successful as you are in your neighborhood half way across the world. It's time to be international! No excuses, no limitations, the only thing to overcome, is yourself.#morninginspiation #vintageframes