Featured Frames: Paloma Picasso 3724 41

Being the child of the famed painter Pablo Picasso, it is no question that his daughter Paloma inherited some creative talents of her own. Paloma Picasso, famed for her elegant demeanor and signature red lips is an artist in her own right, creating her own line of jewellery, accessories and eyewear. These sunglasses are a work of art in themselves. With a frame shape that is a hybrid of a round and cat eye shape, it is delicately and artfully connected at the brow with a thin gold piece of hardware. The body is made of a tortoiseshell like material encasing a dark grey to clear gradient lens, which represents the creator's infamous lady like presence. Pick up these amazing shades here http://www.vintageframesshop.com/paloma-picasso-3724-p-2051.html and shop our entire collection at www.vintageframesshop.comtoday!


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