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Featured Jewelry: Vintage Runway UB005 Chain

While it's no secret that we here at the Vintage Frames Company carry a bevy of designer frames and chains, people tend to forget the foundation for which our reputation is built: high quality vintage pieces. A perfect example is this vintage UB005 chain. While it's creator remains a mystery, it's not hard to look at this piece and see it is truly one of a kind. This necklace is made of copper tinged gold plate, and is attached to delicate spiral link chain. The pendant though is the most radiant aspect of the piece; with an incredibly detailed side profile of the Egyptian queen Nefertiti, and the backdrop being a intricate raised spiral designs on a black lacquer background. This piece is perfect signature for any woman who carries herself as a Queen and is the perfect match for the king rocking our Vintage Frames "Pharoah" chain dropping later this week. Cop this chain here and keep watching the blog for more info on our Pharoah chain drop!



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