Morning Inspiration: "Kings"

Ever since I saw Jay give Ye that chain I was sold on that ritual. To me, the possession of a crew chain was like being knighted. It was a respect being passed down from hierarchy showing your team that they earned your respect. In 2013 people have very often forgot the notion of family and respect. What you think is a given, often isn't. My team is both internal and external. Whether we are in the same building or even country, our respect and bond is unbreakable. I represent them, and they represent me! We have eyes on the ground, and eyes in the air. Even if they aren't direct employees, our family extends to the masses. The reason we decided to make a family #pharaoh chain was to empower all, and make them forever remember there is a king in all of us. We all have the opportunity to lead, we never have to follow. This world would be a better place if we treated each other like kings. It's #Tuesday and yes I am writing this from a lime green fucking throne. A king doesn't only have to rule, it can exist just to be great! Greatness is in us all, we just may need a little push to show it! Whether you are reading this from the throne or the metro, that environment is your kingdom. Own and rule your life like the Pharaoh you are. #morninginspiation #vintageframes