Featured Frames: Carrera 5156 90

Featured Frames: Carrera 5156 90

Carrera has been making sunglasses for many years and is one of the largest producers of sport sunglasses in the world.  They are still very popular to this day, but their older frames are of extreme quality and craftsmanship.  The Carrera 5156 90 is a perfect example of their signature design combined with excellent quality.  The frame is a classic Carrera aviator with a little bit of flair added to it.  The black frames are complimented by the silver on both the bridge of the frame and on the temples.  Most will look at these Carreras and wonder why it says Boss on the temple, and that is because these were manufactured by Carrera for Hugo Boss.  Not only did Carrera create their own sunglasses, but also manufactured frames for Hugo Boss, the well-known luxury car brand Porsche, and many others.

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Vintage-Carrera-5156-90-Frames Vintage-Carrera-5156-90-Sunglasses

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