Featured Jewelry: Nina Ricci NR001 Chain

Featured Jewelry: Nina Ricci NR001 Chain

Any girl who grew up in this generation must be having an overwhelming sense of nostalgia looking at this piece. Being a child of the Disney Princess era, I couldn't help but feel I was holding Ariel's necklace that contained her voice in my all time favourite movie: The Little Mermaid. Our Nina Ricci piece is a solid costume gold piece that has been fashioned into a seashell shape. It can be worn as an elegant touch to a solid colored maxi dress for an evening date; or layered with other necklaces and a bright pastel outfit for a trendy "sea punk" vibe. Get this amazing piece into your summer wardrobe here (http://www.vintageframesshop.com/chains/vintage-nina-ricci-nr001-chain-p-200.html) and visit our entire chain collection at www.vintagechainsshop.com today!


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