Featured Jewelry: Fendi FD001 Necklace

As much as love we have for the girl Kreyshawn and her 2011 summer jam “Gucci Gucci”, we have to disagree with her proclamation that states Fendi is for Basic Bitches. While we understand she was taking a jab at the material obsession that society has with labels, you cannot doubt that still art that exists within in the vintage pieces created by these designers; to which their reputation for luxury and quality was built on. With pieces like our Fendi FD001 Necklace, these are far from basic. An opulent and fun take on the classic Pearl Necklace, Fendi added it’s touch of extravagance and Italian Flair for a must have neck piece in any girl’s collection. Along the delicate gold plated strand, each costume pearl is encased in either a gilded gold rope like border or circular sun like outline in an alternating fashion. The most decadent detail though, would have to be the lacquered Fendi monogram placed on the back of each pearl bead. This allows the piece to be worn in two different styles and such a treat to get two necklaces in one. Wear the logo side with a wife beater and layer with your other gold chains for a little bit of a tougher appeal; then flip your necklace to the pearl face and pair it with a black tube dress when you’re feeling high class. Either way, this is no “basic bitch” piece but more for the Elegant Woman. Pick this necklace up here http://www.vintageframesshop.com/chains/vintage-fendi-fd001-necklace-p-402.html and check out our entire Fendi collection here http://www.vintageframesshop.com/chains/fendi-c-8.html at www.vintageframesshop.com today!

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