Featured Frame: Cartier Cabriolet

Featured Frame: Cartier Cabriolet

This is a rare and legendary Cartier design 
circa 1991.This 
thick black frame with gold detailing 
originates from one of the most famous French fashion houses in the world, this French brand is often described as Jeweler of Kings so it comes as no surprise that they are responsible to some of the most expensive designer sunglasses. These sunglasses are truly jewelry for your face.

Each Cartier Sunglasses are uniquely designed, they are beautiful detailed and have unique feel to each piece. The appearance of Cartier on your face is enough to make you feel exclusive. If you own a pair of classic set of vintage Cartier Sunglasses, your definitely one of the few and it’s clear you have an ultimate sense of style.

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Vintage-Cartier-Cabriolet-Black-Frames Vintage-Cartier-Cabriolet-Black-Sunglasses

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