Featured Jewelry: Yves Saint Laurent YL021 Bracelet

Most fashionistas know the infamous quote “Fashion fades, style is eternal” and live by it on a daily basis; so much that an unnamed but utterly fabulous fashionista I know personally, went as far as tattooing the mantra on her bicep. I can’t blame her though, as it was spoken by one of the greatest designers of all time: Yves Saint Laurent. He revived the couture movement through the 60’s peace and love era, ruling the 70’s with opulence and glamour and most notably creating the women’s tuxedo suit – a classic must-have staple that should live in every woman’s wardrobe. Now I can talk about monsieur Laurent himself and his many great accomplishments all day, but I’ll focus on his legacy that he left behind through pieces we are honored to carry here at VFC by the late great designer.

This YL021 bracelet is a show stopper piece and would be a coveted piece for any girl’s jewellery collection. The statement cuff is meticulously detailed in the way it emulates tiny gravel stones, but dipped luxuriously in gold. Its effect that it brings to an outfit is just as heavy and profound as the cuff itself. This bracelet is the perfect accessory for an all white maxi evening dress, with the gold creating a lavish look for a hot summer evening date. Pick up this cuff in time for your summer wardrobe here (http://www.vintageframesshop.com/chains/vintage-yves-saint-laurent-yl021-bracelet-p-451.html) and shop our entire jewellery collection at www.vintageframesshop.com

Vintage Yves Saint Laurent YL021 Bracelet