Morning Inspiration: "Our Team"

We treat our movement like a team. When you attack one of us, you attack us all. When you come for one of us, you come for us all. When we come for YOU, all of us come. The most successful teams know there weaknesses. They have admitted there missing links and strive to perfect it. They aren't consumed with background or look, but by the heart. As weird as it may seem, the first thing I care about when adding to my team is the candidates eyes. Do they have the determination? Do they have the fire? Our circle comes from all walks of life. We never care where you are from, rather where you are at. We believe in laws of attraction. We believe in providing a platform. Much like mid evil times, my team is knighted. They know that not only do they have my support, they have all of ours. No matter where we are at, we are all family. We work quick, efficiently, and with pride. Many snakes try to enter our circle, it is what comes with visibility and success. Many people try to attack the general, it is what happens with envy. Be there for your team through thick and thin. We all make mistakes, but it's about how we bounce back from it. Never look back, your quest is forward. Make sure when those snakes approach, that they understand why you are wear a rattle snake belt. It's #Friday and it has come time once again for new member to be fucking knighted at VFC. The hardest shape to break is a circle. Weaknesses are easily found on a square, but in a circle, every part is the same strength. Grow together, nobody likes to be left behind. Don't give a fuck about those snakes lurking outside the circle. If it is truly complete, they will knock, but never get in. #morninginspiration#vintageframes