Featured Frames: Gucci 2311 5

Gucci is known to have a classic chic style to anything they touch and that still holds true for these particular set of frames. The feminine cat eye along with the two-tone cream and soft black colors gives this frame a complete secretary girl look from the 50's. Or if you put some dark tinted lenses in them, hop in your Chevy Impala and wrap a floral scarf around your head, you could cause some car accidents back in the 50's like that. The Gucci frames aren't as small as most cat eyed lenses from that era but that's what makes these special. They are scaled bigger to the more modern over-sized frame look for females. They also have a little flair on the arms with the Gucci insignia and colors so everyone will know what you're rockin'. If you want something classic, nostalgic and TRULY vintage, these are the frames for you. Purchase them at: http://www.vintageframesshop.com/gucci-2311-p-554.html