Brand Profile: MCM

Brand Profile: MCM

It’s no question that the monogram pattern is a quintessential identification for most luxury brands. As defined by Webster’s dictionary a monogram is “a motif made by overlapping or combining two or more letters or other graphemes to form one symbol.” From Louis Vuitton’s infamous LV print accompanied by flowers and diamonds to Gucci’s intertwined G’s in an argyle like arrangement; these designs can be found on anything from a designer’s accessories to apparel. Unfortunately, the more known and sought after a pattern is, the more likely it is to be found reproduced in counterfeit goods or re-created in a similar way that ends up degrading the original brand’s true uniqueness in its monogram.

Luckily, MCM is one brand that has avoided this degradation for the most part. This is due to its ability to remain somewhat obscure and can be categorized as true luxury brand. Mode Creation Munich, the brand’s name in long form, was founded in 1975. Created by Michael Cromer, who formed the brand based out of his home country of Germany; it is no question that the Germans know quality, creating such products like BMW’s to Cazals, of which we proudly carry here at VFC. The brand maintained a popular status that epitomized glamour from the time it was born until the mid-nineties, where its popularity fleeted as it went under a branding reconstruction. MCM enjoyed most of its fame in the 1980’s, where it was a corner stone for fashion and status in the Hip Hop community and even had supermodel Cindy Crawford pose scandalously for their ad campaigns. The brand was then bought in 2005 and been under the control of Sung Joo Kim, an outspoken Korean businesswoman who is known as “Ghenghis Kim” by her staff for her drive and unfailing ambition. Kim earned her fortune by licensing European luxury lines in Asia and has since restructured the brand to its once prized regard and infamy. She has stressed the importance of the brands vintage collection, regarding that these pieces are the most prized for MCM’s quality and workmanship.

While most of the MCM leather goods we have here at the Vintage Frames Company remain part of the personal collection due to their rarity and personal value, we are honored to carry some of the most high quality eye wear ever produced by the brand pieces to provide to you. Take our MCM A1 03 frames, which feature their signature monogram pattern in Royal Blue color. The frame is constructed out of a luxurious Buffalo horn, with the simple but impactful gold hardware in studs as well as rectangular plate on the side of the frame emblazoned with the infamous logo. The lenses compliment the monogram in a light blue to clear gradient tint. These shades are perfect for any hip hop lover who grew up in  the 80’s; perfect forheading to your daytime grind to going to turn it up with your crew at night. Cop these frames here: and shop our entire MCM eyewear collection at today!

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