Morning Inspiration: "Network"

Life is about connections. It's the relationships you develop with like minded individuals that will help you achieve your goals. Every city has a representative, a leader of sorts. It is the network of these individuals that bring change. It is the network of these individuals that drive progression. It is the network of these individuals that gravitate together. Every time I get to a city, I have a crew. People like me willing to take me around and make sure I am comfortable. In return, I do the same. The circle completes and at the end of the day, everyone works together. I look out for my extended fam no matter where they are, for friendship and allies are not dictated by geography. You may able to move a mountain alone, but with a solid team behind you, there is nothing that can't be overcome! After a long flight and day, I know I can come to a place like @dopefairfax and make it my own. It's #tuesday and I have dug my heels down at my #LA fucking home base and am ready to storm the city. Connections are the key to life. What goes around will come around again. That extra second you take to help someone else, will eventually come back and help you. You never know, one day you can land at LAX and stare at a sketchy package with mystery contents from one of your homies. The contents, always unknown. The love and respect, always there.#morninginspiration #vintageframes

4-2-13 Morning Inspiration