Featured Jewelry: Christian Dior CD009 Bracelet

Here at VFC we have pieces from some of the most sought after designers, so it should come as no suprise that we have many Christian Dior pieces. Dior is one of the top fashion houses in the world, a luxury line recognized by the most fashion conscious women and men. They have been around for over half a century and continue to have strong brand recognition, legacy and reputation.  You can tell by looking at the pieces avaible on the VFC website that all the Dior pieces have a lot of craftsmanship put in to them. Yet some are more elegant and appropriate for everyday wear while other pieces are more bold for that person who wants to make a statement and stand out. The Vintage Christian Dior CD009 Bracelet is an example of a piece that is bold and really makes your wrist stand out yet it is still classy and appropriate to wear everyday. Its all the little details like the stitching and Christian Dior initials that make it classic and elegant.

The Vintage Christian Dior CD009 Bracelet is available now on www.vintagechainsshop.com