Morning Inspiration: "Baggage"

Agility is the key to success. Being able to adapt to everyday obstacles and keep it moving is what separates the strong from the weak. Being light on your feet and not holding on to "baggage" allows you to keep an open mind. Life becomes tedious when you travel with "baggage". Movement becomes a struggle when you are being held down by "deadweight". Imagine going though life with "weights" attached to your ankles. Movement is possible, but the struggle is harder. Instead of spending time figuring out how to walk, the solution is simple: cut the "weights". Everybody has "baggage". Some is internal, some is external. These "weights" are often taken on by ourselves. We punish ourselves for things that may or may not be our fault. We feel it's necessary to cary it with us. Add a couple of "weights", and you will soon see life becomes to overwhelming. It is time to change our lives. It is time to drop the baggage. It is time to be light on our feet once again. We aren't born with "baggage", we collect it over time. It is our choice what we choose to take with us. It is your choice what to leave behind. Today is a new day, a "baggage" free day! For once in your life drop the "deadweights". You will see with a couple of breaths, a positive outlook, and forward motion, how light you can actually be on your feet. It's #monday and the only weight I'm willing to fucking hold are the ones my trainer @blackoutfitnessmtl makes me hold. It is time everybody, float like a butterfly, and sting like a bee! Your journey has been long, it's time to regroup. What you think you need to bring on your journey might just be the "weight" that is preventing you from accomplishing your goal. It's time to let it go! It might be hard at first, but the only "baggage" you will ever need for your journey is some dope ass #MCM#morninginspiration#vintageframes

Morning Inspiration - Baggage