Featured Jewelry: Givenchy GV008 Chain

Resembling a dream catcher, this vintage Givenchy GV008 chain is eye catching in the most subtle ways. It's a very light and innocent piece than the usual gawdy blinged out Givenchy style. Ideally, something like this would fit best for a bohemian chick or any girl headed to the beach and doesn't want to blind anyone with the reflection of their jewelry. Just about any female can pull this piece off and I'm sure guys can too if they chose to. Not only will you grab a room's attention with the hanging beads clinking together, but just the uniqueness of this necklace with it's white and mesmerizing amber hues combination will draw eyes to it immediately. This is definitely one of a kind in our Givenchy collection. If you're interested in purchasing this piece, click here.

Givenchy GV008 Chain