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Featured Frames: 24 Karat 507

If you are the type that likes to wear sunglasses that are not like the norm, then 24 Karat might be the brand for you.  Known for their shield design, these frames are a great look for those bold enough to try and pull them off. You're able to "shield" yourself away from the world behind these dark lenses all while being fashionable about it. These frames are for people who want to add a little mystery to their persona. The all black frame has a hint of gold at the nose with nosepieces for added comfort. Ideal places to wear these frames would be out in the club while poppin' bottles or while getting a tan off the coast of Miami Beach, FL. These frames are large and very square on the face, but can be a good look for those that are into shielded sunglasses.

24 Karat 507

24 Karat 507


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