Featured Jewelry: Versace VS039 Watch

Featured Jewelry: Versace VS039 Watch

Vintage Chain: Versace Vintage Versace VS039 Watch

In recent times, the necessity for a quality timepiece in one wardrobe has become ever present. With the popularity of Michael Kors, G-Shocks, Fossil and other popular watch brands, it is hard to walk down the street and not see one of the aforementioned brands strewn around more than one passerby’s wrist. The need for a good watch though is not only fashion purposes, but functionality. Other than the obvious fact that it helps one remain punctual, it also conveys a sense of maturity and the perception that one had authority over their own time. It is said that one of the best things you can do in an interview is wear a watch, because it shows your potential employer that you not only respect your own time but there’s as well and reinforces the fact you are a respectable member of society.

Now it’s no secret here at Vintage Frames, we like to do things bigger than the average person so you have to know that though we don’t have many timepieces in our collection, the few we do have are exceptional. Like our Vintage Versace VS039 watch; while it follows suit in terms of the Italian design house’s infamous flashy style, it does it in the most elegant and somewhat demure of ways. The wrist strap is made of the finest Italian leather in a brilliant emerald green faux crocodile texture. The detailing though, is done in the classiest and demure of ways. The signature Versace border encases the rectangular face of watch as well as the metal hardware that serves as the buckle that secures the watch around your wrist. This pattern is also found in a green on green style on the face of the watch, connecting the roman style numerals that will tell the time. Lastly, and intricate metal Medusa head that serves as the logo for the design can be found acting as the “12 o’clock” in the upper centre of the face. This watch can be used day or night; whether it be that power lunch you have with your fellow executives or dancing out all your stress on a Thursday night. Cop this amazing Versace vintage watch today here and shop the rest of our Versace collection here at www.VintageFramesShop.com today!



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