Featured Jewelry: Kenzo KZ001 Bracelet

Featured Jewelry: Kenzo KZ001 Bracelet

In the world of fashion, it’s no secret what’s old is new again and what is new will soon become old. Silhouettes, patterns, styles and even designers can be the talk on everyone’s lips one day but be virtually ambivalent by the next season’s fashion week. In a world that can be diagnosed with severe ADD with it’s craving for the latest trend, it’s hard for anything or anyone to stay relevant long enough from S/S to P-F and make it past F/W then Resort to S/S again (that’s fashion talk for Spring/Summer, Pre-Fall, Fall/Winter collections that schedule most fashion weeks). So when designers or styles can stand the test of time and gain the respect needed to deserve to be called a “classic” or qualify to be called “vintage”, you can see why it is quite the achievement.

Enter Kenzo, the Paris based fashion house which has experienced quite the revival in the past few seasons. Kenzo Takada, for whom the brand is named for, is Japanese designer behind the art. He began designing in the early 70`s and is known for visually dramatic designs that extends beyond fashion but into fragrances and house wares. In the name of staying on top of their game, Kenzo recently enlisted duo Humberto Leon and Carol Lim of clothing line Opening Ceremony to act as the new creative directors. What could have been a considered a risky move, it has drawn so much positive feedback for the classic brand and invited a whole new generation to fall in love with it.

We here though at Vintage Frames will always appreciate the originality of the brand at its prime and youth. This Kenzo bracelet is a true testatment of Takada`s bold designs mixed with almost an eerie prediction of what patterns can be considered timeless. Our KZ001 Bracelet is constructed of stainless steel hardware in an oversized statement piece fashion. The show stopper is the fact that the links are intricately engraved paisley pieces, paisley being one of the hottest trends for Summer and a quintessential 70s pattern to which this bracelet can be dated. Rock this with an airy turquoise maxi, a huge sunhat and oversized sunglasses for a perfect bohemian summer look. Pick up this Kenzo bracelet today by clicking here and shop our entire bracelet collection at www.vintageframesshop.com.

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