Morning Inspiration: Own Your Exterior

Everyday we are approached with adversity. Most of the time external, But sometimes internal. Even though we may not have anything to do with it, people make us feel associated with their problems. They shelter us from the world remembering a past that doesn't involve us. I too am guilty of letting people's external factors affect my life. It is important to remember that as much as we remember the past, we live in the future. Much like a spray bottle in an examination bag, very often as people, we are put in similar situations. We are made to feel responsible for someone else's problems, even though, truly we can't own them. Very few people can look at their life and take responsibility. It is tremendously easier to blame someone else. The problem, it never ends. Your life is yours to own. You are responsible for the good, and the bad. You are responsible for YOUR good and YOUR bad. You are NOT responsible for situations other people own that are out of your control. If you wake up in the morning and are proud of who you are, nobody can take that away from you! Helping others and taking responsibility for there issues are two different things. Don't allow anyone to cage your "bottle". It is YOUR exterior, and most importantly what is within that YOU own. Respect other people's situations and histories, but remember, the only one you own, is your own. It's#wednesday and they can put us in a bag, and run us through examination, but at the end of it all, be fucking proud of who you are. Someone once told me I wasn't good enough, because I believed them, I wasn't. The reality is I am happy with myself and the direction I have taken. The exterior factors that cause such a statement are NOT yours to own. Throughout your life people will try to put you in a "bag" and run you through examination. Some will comply, but the important part is always remembering the interior contents, are your own. Every single one of you is great! You are all different and that's what makes you who you are! Bottle your own contents, not what other people want to put in the mix. #morninginspiration #vintageframes

Morning Inspiration