Featured Jewelry: Karl Lagerfeld KL001 Earrings

Featured Jewelry: Karl Lagerfeld KL001 Earrings

We here at the Vintage Frames Company, pride ourselves in our ability to procure some of the rarest pieces of eyewear and vintage jewellery. Amongst our crowned jewels though would have to be these Karl Lagerfeld vintage earrings. Uncle Karl, as he is lovingly known amongst fashionistas worldwide, is one of the most respected geniuses in not only fashion but also business. He is best known as the creative director for Chanel, having carried the house on his back since the early 90’s and creating the powerhouse status it holds today in the world of fashion.

We are very lucky to have gained pieces from his experimental accessories collection he created, with perhaps the most interesting piece being these KL001 Earrings. The attention to detail on these pieces is absolutely breathtaking: the round body has been encased in a laurel border and has been engraved intricately and contains the designer’s intitals in an elegant cursive font on a matte black background. The most intriguing feature of this piece though has to be the beautiful fan that sits atop of the pieces. Besides his signature black sunglasses and white hair, Karl is usually seen sitting front row with an oriental fan to shield his face. The fact this incorporated into the piece shows a huge personal touch in the design. These earrings can be worn with hair up in a diva bun and red lipstick for a dramatic evening look, or as the finishing touch on a classic tweed blazer and skirt suit set to nail that first interview. Add these amazing earrings to your collection here: http://www.vintageframesshop.com/chains/vintage-karl-lagerfeld-kl001-earrings-p-55.html and check out our full earring collection here: http://www.vintageframesshop.com/chains/advanced_search_result.php?search=1&&option_5_93=99! Happy shopping!

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