Morning Inspiration: Be Rememberable

Life is about choices. What we eat, where we live, who we date, what we wear, everyday we are confronted with many choices. In a world full of a million options, what makes someone want to pick you? What makes someone want to buy your product? What makes someone want to use your services? In the 1980's the beauty of the economy was that it was basically local. In 2013 the beauty of the economy is that it's global! It is no longer a basic selecting process, now, the world is our catalogue! For some, this has been the greatest asset! For others, this has been associated with their demise! It's our approach to the world that makes us great! It's our approach to the world that gets us selected! When people come for #vintagesunglasses they are met with thousands of choices. Which style fits? What colors do they like? What brand name fits their life? As overwhelming as that may sound, similar notions are associated with every choice In life. If you haven't realized it, you are not alone! There are thousands of people fighting for the same thing and it's time to make YOUR mark! Make them remember YOU! Make them want YOU! Make them realize that if it ain't YOU, it ain't shit! The selection process is truly in your hands, stand out, and forever make it remembered that anything less than YOU is just inferior. It's #Tuesday and everyone remembers when I walk into a fucking room, that's where it starts, and it's up to ME where it finishes. As many choices as there are in life make sure that anything but choosing you is silly. Make yourself a household name! Make yourself a household service! Make sure your industry feels a void without you. Nobody picks someone waving their hands in the air, it's always the natural gem that stands out in a crowd. #morninginspiration #vintageframes

Morning Inspiration