Compare and Contrast: Prestige Bigger Man vs Ultra Goliath 2

Compare and Contrast: Prestige Bigger Man vs Ultra Goliath 2


 Prestige Bigger Man

Ultra Goliath 2

Inspired by the movie, “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas”, comes our biggest frame, “The Bigger Man”. This frame was made for Lil Wayne in his “No Worries” music video. It comes with a custom pair of amber lenses that were dipped at our office. These sunglasses were made to be exclusive. Only 10 of each frame, were produced; 10 black frames, and 10 transparent ones. This is an ideal frame to wear because of the simple look to it but is also very exclusive. This is the second pair of Ultra Goliaths made under the Dr. Shapiro Collection. These are the face of the Vintage Frames Company, and they are what we're known for. Celebrities that can be seen wearing them are Usher, Slim Thug, Rick Ross, Big Black, and many more… The over-sized frames look was originally strongly associated with females but this is a pair more men wear than females. These glasses are the face of our company.

In comparison the two glasses look similar but represent something completely different. The Bigger Man has a double bridge, while the Ultra Goliath has a thicker single bridge, personally, I think that the bigger man is more of a frame for me because of the thin look.

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