Morning Inspiration: March 21st, 2013

Morning Inspiration: March 21st, 2013


In the 1990's Number #34 was my shit. I'm not much of a sports fan, but I am a team player. Team support is, and will always be an essential part of life. No matter what team you start with, that's the team you should finish with. I'm not so concerned with sports as I am business and life in general. From my personal experiences, the first sign of weakness is people that very easily switch teams. In whatever context you talk about, a team is a unit. They move together, bleed together, work together, and succeed together. Sometimes driven by money, sometimes driven by similar goals, a team follows through from beginning to end. Through thick and thin, a team is there to support. The first sign of weakness is a team member that jumps ship at the first bump. The second sign of weakness is a team member that blames others without assuming their own responsibility. The third sign of weakness is a team member that is only looking to be part of a "team". Strength is not really in numbers, strength is in the core. There are very large squads that aren't as efficient as some small ones. It is a quality not measured by numbers, but by drive, and internal growth. I started from the bottom in #Nike #airtrainer #bojackson #sneakers, and no matter where I finish, it is that #trainer I will end in. Being true to yourself goes along with being loyal to your team. I may have started with the OG, and at worst, I am ending with the RETRO. It's #thursday and my #throwback is my current, this is my fucking team and I will never quit on them. People can be traded, but there heart will always remain. Always be weary of people looking for a jersey before any labor. A team isn't about being "cool", it's about togetherness, and motion. Always move as a unit, never leave a man behind. When you see someone looking for a better team, the reality is they were never part of yours. #morninginspiration #vintageframes

Morning Inspiration March 21st 2013

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