Featured Frame: Vuarnet 084

Vuarnet 084

Vuarnet is one of the leading suppliers of sportswear sunglasses. The materials used in all of the frames and lenses makes them very high quality and extremely durable. Although these are made for outdoor sports, they are a great pair of everyday sunglasses. The basic design makes them a simple pair of sunglasses to match with any look, and the Vuarnet name ensures that they are of high quality. A large Vuarnet logo is located on the bridge of the frame with Vuarnet and Pouilloux logos located on the arm. The mirror lenses are not only great looking, but they are of high quality mineral glass. These sunglasses could be worn by any outdoor enthusiast or someone that is looking to add a basic looking yet high quality frame to their collection. To purchase them, click here:


Vuarnet 084 Sunglasses

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