2 Chainz wearing VFC in music video "Crack"

2 Chainz wearing VFC in music video "Crack"

The fam 2 Chainz debuted his much anticipated music video for his single “Crack” off of his latest album “Based on a T.R.U. Story” and as usual, he was well-equipped with some of the dopest pieces Vintage Frames has had to offer.The Hair Weave Killer himself is seen wearing many stunna' pieces such as Versace shades and different Chanel chains, most of which he has copped here with us at Vintage Frames Company.

2 Chainz wearing Chanel neck pieces and Versace frames

The showpiece of the video was definitely our exclusive vintage Chanel CH 113 Whistle Chain, which was sold exclusively to 2 Chainz. This incredibly detailed and functional whistle pendant sits on a 2 stranded rope chain, and 2 Chainz takes advantage by blowing on it numerous times throughout the video. He's been spotted wearing it before, you can see more pictures of it by clicking here to read the article. Check out 2 Chainz video for “Crack” here (http://vevo.ly/Zu2uF0) and shop our frames and chains
collections at www.vintageframesshop.com!

2 Chainz whistle necklace CH113

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