Featured Frame: Tiffany T369 C4 23K Gold Plated (Blue Lens)

Featured Frame: Tiffany T369 C4 23K Gold Plated (Blue Lens)

Not only does Tiffany make some of the most popular jewelry on the planet, but they also make some very high quality sunglasses.  This frame is a beautiful pair of aviators that are also very comfortable to wear.  Any girl would be happy to own this pair of sunglasses, but they look very good on men as well.  The arms have a nice design instead of a simple bar and are stamped with the Tiffany logo in the middle. The tinted blue lens is perfect to wear out no matter the weather or even inside.  The name Tiffany has always been popular when it comes to jewelry, but having a gold plated pair of sunglasses to go with that jewelry is the ultimate fashion statement.

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Tiffany T369 Blue Lens

Vintage Tiffy T369

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